About Us

We are an interdisciplinary group of academic researchers based in the UK, however, we endeavour to feature work that explores various international settings, conditions and engagements with diverse communities.

The team (alphabetically) is comprised of:

Lakshmi Bose


 Lakshmi Bose is a PhD candidate at the University of Cambridge whose research centres on intergenerational female activism in the context of state securitisation and militarisation in South Africa and Egypt.

Lakshmi tweets @LakshmiSBose

Rebecca Gordon


Rebecca Gordon is a PhD candidate at the University of Cambridge exploring the work of a grassroots microfinance organisation in rural India, impacts on women’s lives and girls’ education. She also focuses on feminist epistemologies and methodologies in ethics and research. 

Rebecca tweets @R37G 

Arif Naveed


Arif Naveed is an incoming Lecturer in International Education & Development at the University of Bath. His current research is on the role of schooling in intergenerational social mobility in rural Pakistan. He has a strong interest in theoretical and methodological issues in eliciting and listening to the voices of the poor.

Arif tweets @arif_naveed

Sharon Walker


Sharon Walker is a PhD candidate at the University of Cambridge researching issues of race equality in UK higher education policy. She also researches issues of race and racism in education and international development.

Sharon tweets @cheriepolo